ELC - Keyboard and Stool

Ketersediaan : Habis

Rp 150.000

Rock and sing along to catchy tunes and rhythms with this recordable keyboard set. The keyboard has eight instrument sounds, thirteen rhythms and a DJ scratch disc. The Keyboard and stool has a record-and-playback function, flashing lights and a detachable microphone to inspire your child to love playing the keyboard and singing along. Great for your child's development: Discovering how a keyboard works and learning how to make different sounds using their fingers is a great musical start for your child. The Keyboard and stool helps your child discover cause and effect through hands-on exploration. And encourages them to start creating their own melodies. Using their hands on the keyboard is great for coordination, and singing and playing music is a great boost to your child's confidence. As they grow, your child can enjoy playing music with a friend for even more fun.


Product Features:

  • Keyboard has 8 instrument sounds

  • 13 rhythms

  • DJ scratch disc

  • Record and playback your tunes

  • Flashing lights and detachable microphone

For ages : 3+

Min rent period : 1 month